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Kris & Katie- Suprise Proposal

The proposal had been in the works for two weeks.

Everything was going to be perfect. Except for the rain.... it had been raining for two days straight! We were all so nervous. What were we going to do??

The universe heard our silent cries and pleas; Just as the start of this wonderful event was about to happen, the skies opened up and the day became the most beautiful day anyone could hope for. The sun appeared and the dark storm clouds dispersed. PERFECT.

The most interesting part about this proposal was the fact that it was all planned through email and phone. Kris and Katie live in Nashville, Tennessee! With the help of Kris' sister, who actually does live in Albuquerque, and modern day technology, the surprise proposal was starting to take shape.

The beautiful Sandia Lakes was the backdrop for this exciting moment. Kris' sister and I had previously scoped out and found THE perfect spot. As the day finally arrived, and Kris and Katie approached the designated spot, I tried to look inconspicuous, and not be nervous.... what if she sees me? What if she asks what I'm doing? I soon realized I had no reason to be nervous, as Katie was so focused on Kris, she didn't even notice me. Whew! Only then when it was "official", did I come out of hiding and she realized what was going on.

Two weeks of planning had paid off! She really had no idea. The perfect surprise proposal was a success! Her excitement was infectious! I am so excited and thankful to be a part of such a memorable moment. I wish the happy couple all the best their life together will offer!

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