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Senior Ambassador Team 2024

What a year!!

From sunflowers fields to the leaves of Fall to the beautiful mountain snow on the Sandias, our 2024 senior ambassador team had the most fun and tons of photos to prove it!

Ani, Emily, and Kaitlyn joined the MMP team this year. Ani joined from Menaul School, Emily from SODA in Los Lunas, and Kaitlyn from Los Luas High School.

Even though there were only three, there was enough laughter and fun to fill a room full of girls!

Our first photo session started in the sunflower fields. Yes, sunflowers do grow in Albuquerque! Nothing says Summer like frolicking amongst the sunflowers! And then you add a couple beautiful girls and it just all comes together.

All Senior Ambassadors get multiple photo sessions throughout their senior year of high school. But the most important is their own individual senior session. This session includes free hair and makeup styling. They chose their own theme and also the time of year they prefer, in studio or on location. They get first dibs on my schedule.

Group sessions are always the most fun. Getting to take photos of beautiful, fun loving girls! Oh yes! And the best part...they didn't even all know each other before! This is one of the best things I love about this program. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new girls your age and build relationships.

Here's what a couple of the girls had to say...

It snowed just enough this year for us to adventure out! We didn't have to go far. The Sandia mountains provided the perfect amount of snow we needed! The girls put on some beautiful (snow dresses) and we headed out. Since it doesn't snow every year in Albuquerque, we took advantage.

Another group photo session to finish off the year, we did each girl's corresponding cap and gown photos. These are included with every senior photo session as well as part of the Ambassador experience. By this time, the girls are more than comfortable enough with each other.

As much fun as we've all had together throughout the year, it's always a little bitter sweet to have it come to an end. These girls will always have a place in my heart and I wish them the best of luck in the future.


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