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Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

You have the newest cell phone on the market, and it comes with a high megapixel why do you need a professional photographer? You just became a professional overnight! Right? Wrong!!

The pros will have the gear

Even some of the low-grade starter cameras can have up to 18 megapixels! And then you add in multiple lenses and flashes, and don't forget the batteries, memory cards, flash triggers, oh my! Plus most professional photographers usually carry more than one camera.

They understand the logistics

What does this mean? The professionals are experienced in lighting and composition. Gone are the days of positioning the subject right in the middle of the photo. An experienced and knowledgeable photographer keeps up with the trends, so your photos don't look old and out-dated. You want to be in style right?!

They will also know what time of day is most flattering and will produce the best light. And with their high quality cameras and equipment, you can be sure to receive high quality images.

It's more than just the photos

Have you ever tried to get your family together and take pictures? Getting everyone dressed and finding a pretty location, and then putting them all together, while you set the timer, just in time for a little one to walk out of the picture, as soon as the timer goes off. And the more people you add, the tougher it gets! So the only options left are for you to not be in the photo or... hire someone else to do it! I think I would prefer the latter. Why stress yourself and the entire family when you can just hire a professional?

Now I'm not saying the pros don't run into the same issues, but they do have tactics and ways to make everyone look comfortable and relaxed. And then you won't have to worry about running back into the photo before the timer goes off, just in time to capture your " in action" shot.

The overall experience

So you found a photographer you like, monies are paid, date and location are set. From buying new clothes to getting haircuts to looking your Sunday best. It can be quite the task to get professional photos done. You show up day of and it begins. Perhaps a little awkward at first, but then everyone starts laughing at who knows what, and everyone relaxes, even the little ones. The photographer shows you some of the photos on the back of the camera, and wow~those look great! Even on that tiny little screen! Time flies by... we're done already? But now the real magic happens~

The editing process

Going through 100's of photos to choose the best ones is not always an easy task. The silly faces, closed eyes, the un-fixable lighting, those are taken out, and what's left is you! All the beautiful photos of you and your loved ones. This is where the photographer's experience comes in again. They have the "eye" to know a good photo from a 'not-so-good' photo. They carefully go through all the photos to be able to showcase the best of the best. Can you imagine going through 100 photos yourself to choose which are best? You'd be there all week!

And then once the best of the best photos are selected, the actual editing begins. Fixing the lighting and coloring, oh deleting that random person in the background, perhaps even removing acne or blemishes.


Sure, professional photos are not always a top priority or even in the budget. But when you want something done right, it really is best to leave it to the the pro's. You can be proud to show off your new professional photos and be able to get a poster sized print to place above the fireplace.


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