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Why It's So Important for Mom to be in Pictures

I want you to look at all the pictures you've taken in the last year. Your daughter's birthday, your son's soccer game, that weekend camping trip... and I'm sure there's maybe just a small handful of pictures that you are in. Am I right? Somehow Mom always end up as the designated family photographer.

Why is this happening? How does this happen? Moms are the first ones to pull out the camera (or phone) and take pictures of everyone else, but fail to include themselves in the pictures.

The Mom excuses: be honest, tell me how many of these you have used...

  • I'm not wearing makeup

  • I need to lose weight

  • I'm not dressed properly

  • It's just for the kids

  • I don't like how I look in pictures

But really, having Mom in pictures is so important! These are the pictures your children will look back on and remember the wonderful times they had with you. The fun times they had. And trust me, they will not remember that you did not have makeup on, or that you weren't dressed right.

Selfies or professional photos, is up to you. But just as long as YOU are in the pictures is all that matters. Silly pictures, blurry pictures, just-because pictures...

You will be creating memories to last a lifetime.


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