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Albuquerque locations for family pictures

You've chosen a photographer, set a date, perhaps even bought new clothes, but now where the heck are you going to take your family pictures? If you have a great photographer, then hopefully you've been given some great recommendations of locations. But in the case you haven't I'm here to help!

As part of my consultation process, I discuss "the look" my clients are wanting to achieve, including locations. Within Albuquerque, there are so many options available. Location is also dependent on time of year. Do you want the Spring blossoms, or the full greens of the grass in Summer? A large majority of my clients just love the beautiful Fall colors that Albuquerque brings. Always my most popular time for family photos, or any photos for that matter.

So where do we go?

The Bosque

Albuquerque is very well known for its beautiful Rio Grande bosque, which translates to 'forest' or 'woods' in English. The bosque lines the Rio Grande river on each side which trails on for 16 miles. There are many access points along the bosque, many which will lead you right up to the riverbank.

Who wouldn't want photos in the middle of a beautiful tree-filled forest? Oh and did I mention the views of the Sandia Mountains?! You can get a great view of the mountains at almost any point along the bosque.

Although the bosque in the Fall is most desired, Summer can be just as picturesque.

UNM duck pond

The University of NM is a beautiful campus and one of the most popular locations for photos. At any given time of the year, you will see photographers with families, seniors, and quinceneras. The UNM duck pond... as it's known... has, of course, a duck pond with a bridge to cross over, and also has a built-in rock waterfall. With it's lush green grass in the Summer and cherry blossom trees in the Spring, you can see why this location is so popular. Although the duck pond area itself is just one area, there are many other available areas around campus that make for a picture perfect setting for your family photos.

Albuquerque Botanic Gardens

Although not a free option, the botanic gardens has many different, beautiful background options available in just one location. The gardens include flowers and plants not just from the southwest but also from areas around the world! Make it a day and let the kids enjoy the interactive play areas like The Children's Fantasy Garden and the BUGarium. Finish your day with family photos at one of your favorite spots you find in the gardens.

A local community park

When all else fails there is always the option of going to your local park! Even though Albuquerque is known for it's southwestern desert look, we do have a lot of parks and areas that are gloriously green in the summer! Quite a few parks in town even have some amazing views of the Sandia mountains. Your local park is a great option, as you don't have to go too far from your home. Maybe it's a park you visit often...or has beautiful landscaping and trees. Whatever the reason for going to a park, rest assured we will still be able to achieve some great photos!


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